It's the hardest winter the Mortimers have ever faced. The currency has crashed, food is scarce and prices soaring. Ahead, just round the corner, are starvation and street riots. Nessie, Barry, Geoff and little Ellen are among the lucky ones, or so it seems. Their father Norman has found a wonderful, if crazy, way of making sure that whatever happens to anyone else his own family will be all right. But Norman Mortimer hasn't foreseen the consequences of his plan. Maybe he can turn his home into a fortress, but can he defend it from the outside world? And will his children support him? This story is set in an England of a fictional time. The events it describes have not actually happened there, and with luck they never will. But there are countries in today's world where extreme hardship and even starvation are chillingly close at hand. The hard moral questions posed by Noah's Castle face us all and will not , go away.

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