The Invaders

Forgotten by the faraway Mother Country, the islanders of tiny Halcyon lead a hard by peaceable life, untouched by the twentieth century. Tilda and Robert are "intended" for each other by their families. They accept that when the time comes they will marry. That's the way life is on Halcyon.
Then one day an incomer arrives from the mainland. Cyril is a modern boy of his day, disturbing to the island girls. Before long he is offering to teach Tilda the tango. And Cyril brings with him a powerful short-wave wireless set. Halcyon can hear broadcasts from the outside world, and what it hears is disturbing.
The Mother Country is showing unexpected interest in this tiny colony. The interest has been aroused by the Republic of Santa Cruz, whose dictator is laying claim to the island. Cyril's one-person invasion has been a forerunner o dramatic developments, and of action in which the three young people are all caught up. And over all broods the Peak, a supposedly-dormant volcano which is stirring in its sleep....

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