The Attenbury Emeralds

Published this week

Lord Peter Wimsey was famous from the beginning of his career for solving the "Attenbury Emeralds" case. But now, many years later it comes back to haunt him...

"This is the third of Jill Paton Walsh's pastiche Dorothy L Sayers's novels, this time returning to Lord Peter Wimsey's first case in l921, which concerned the theft of the famous Attenbury emeralds. Decades later, in the l950s, the emeralds are again causing problems. Are the jewels, for so long locked in a bank vault, the genuine emeralds? And if not, what are they, where are the real ones, and whodunit? It is a good puzzle, but the principal pleasure of the book is the skilled portrait of the austere postwar world and in seeing how a reimagined Wimsey, his wife Harriet and manservant Bunter have adapted themselves to it. An enjoyable and clever concoction."

Jessica Mann, The Literary Review.

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